The plan for a new equipment for 2014 approved

28 January 2014
The plan for a new equipment for 2014 approved

In order to satisfy the demands and wishes of customers, as well as to keep up with modern market trends of brake equipment, Poltava Automobile Unit Plant in 2014 plans to bring to the pre-production and the CIS market, upon completion of design and manufacturing processes, a number of new generation.Also planned range of works on upgrading individual units, which are currently the bulk of consumer demand and improving consumer and technical properties of which will better meet the needs of consumers of products of PJSC «PAUP».

Among the products, that are scheduled to be pre-production or carry out the modernization of structures, can be noted pneumatic power clutch flange type 12.1609010-20/-30/-50 cylinder drive clutch 12.1602510-10, hand brake valves 11.3537510-10/-20-30 blocks electro pneumatic valves 12.3745000-10/-20, connecting knobs 11.3521410-03/411-03/410-22/411-22; brake cranes 121.3514210-50, 121.3514110-20/-30/-40, 121.3514308/-20 and 121.3514208; brake cameras type 24 - 11.3519510, automatic condensate drain valve 12.3513110, 12.3514110 -section brake valve, normally open electropneumatic panel valve 12.3745000-50. At the stage of development of engineering documentation and prototyping a range of products for railway rolling stock.

Lot of these products are already claimed by the machine-building enterprises of both Ukraine and CIS countries.

Range of works planned for 2014 connected with timely output of these products to the market will increase the company's market share by an average of 1.5-2% and get additional growth of sales.

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