23 April 2015

Dear customers! Poltava Automobile Unit Plant produces special food grinder of aluminum using high technologies and attracting the best talent on the basis of almost half a century of experience in production.

Today, many enterprises producing for decades or that the products are faced with the fact that enterprising «gray» dealers, produce their low-quality products, mimicking the traditional product. At first glance, it is absolutely typical grinder, which is no different from our products, offered at an attractive buyer for the price - 60 hryvnia. The average market price of 1 kilogram of food aluminum is 56 hryvnia. Thus, the chopper from food aluminum (with an average weight of 900-950 grams of meat grinders) can cost 60 hryvnia.

Products whose price is 60-70 hryvnia, with high probability, made of materials that can not be applied in the food, and can harm your health and the health of your loved ones.

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