The results of the National Business Rating

12 October 2015
The results of the National Business Rating

According to the information of OJSC «Statinformconsulting», based on data from the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine, Poltava Automobile Unit Plant ranked the third place (among enterprises of Poltava region), and the sixteenth place (among enterprises of Ukraine) by the total mark in the National Business Rating in the branch «Production of units, parts and accessories for motor vehicles».

This rating shows the real attractiveness of the enterprise for investors, provides the information to potential partners about the state of affairs at the enterprise.

In accordance with the state strategic direction of the development of Ukraine as a country with orientation to European integration processes, the program «National Business Rating» sets the goals to define and pick out enterprises which form the country's economic growth and are the basis for prosperity creation and social protection of all citizens of Ukraine.

To stimulate enterprises that care not only about the profitability of their own business, but also make a great contribution to the future of our state filling the state budget, fulfilling social programs and contributions to social security and pension funds in the first place, as well as care of their employees, create new working places, develop new technologies, introduct the innovations and form a new type of economy - which is not based on natural resources, but on knowledge.

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