Automobile Unit Plant celebrates 70-year anniversary!

01 December 2015
Automobile Unit Plant celebrates 70-year anniversary!

On the 1 of December 2015 Poltava Automobile Unit Plant celebrates its own special holiday - the Day of Foundation of Enterprise.

Today PJSC "Poltava Automobile Unit Plant" is a high-tech and modern machine-building enterprise in production of complex brake systems for heavy vehicles and has a leading position in the Ukrainian machine-building. Today it is the only one in Ukraine and one of the largest in the CIS specialized enterprise for the production of brake equipment designed for commercial vehicles such as KrAZ, KamAZ, MAZ, BelAZ, trailers and semi-trailers, tractors, buses, trolley buses and special vehicles.

The plant does not stop there - the foundation and meaning of our company is striving to perfection, renewal of our products, improve its quality and reliability, the introduction of new technologies, which allows us to maintain and strengthening our market position.

In an effort to maximize the meet the needs and wishes of its customers, as well as to keep up with modern trends of the market development of brake equipment, Poltava Automobile Unit Plant is planning to 2016-2020 years to bring to the preparation and production on the CIS market, upon completion of design and manufacturing processes, a number of devices of new generation.

Rooted in the 2015 scope of works for the timely release to market of new products will increase the share complete of our major partner companies such as HC "AvtoKrAZ", OJSC "MAZ" AZ "Ural", JSC "Pavlovsky Bus Plant" and others. And obtain additional revenue growth in both the primary and secondary market sales.

Strengthening the position of a reliable supplier of components and active technical cooperation with customers, the willingness of the enterprise to meet the demands and wishes of the automobile plants for modernization of our products and creating new products will definitely help us this year, which was quite difficult for people and businesses. We were able to keep up the level of sales volume and rhythm of incoming orders. According to the results of work in 2015 PJSC "Poltava Automobile Unit Plant" increased the volume of sales of products - more than 120 million hryvnia, including brake equipment - more than 100 million hryvnia, consumer goods - about 15 million hryvnia.

By the results of work over the past few months it has increased the volume of deliveries to Belarus by 85%, Hungary by 94.8%, Lithuania by 345.3%, to 113.8% of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan by 17.8%. It was shipped to new customers of the primary market in Poland. In general, the share of products shipped for export rosed by 8.4% compared to the same period of last year.

Despite the approach of our corporate event, we need to say a few words about the tasks that were not completed before the end and the difficulties that we face now and which we have to face in the near future.

Yes, we have developed an approach, and have to interpret the rules of work in the difficult market conditions of today, that enabled us to survive and continue our work. But, at the same time, we are aware that rest on our laurels is not only allowed, but also impossible.

Today, our company is one of the few companies in the engineering industry of the country that is steadily working and is not idle, and, importantly, timely payment of wages to their employees. Products of our factory are in demand, are being actively developed new devices and updating of machinery equipment company. Therefore, I stress once again - this height more important than ever to keep - not to slow down and do not stop there. It is important to remember - and the market and the world around us is changing every day, even every hour. The increasingly sophisticated and complex technologies become, the production processes and information technology too. All consumers have become more demanding consumers of our products. All over our country and its markets are open to suppliers around the world. This is advantage - the buyer has a choice, it is a drawback - without adequate state policy the domestic manufacturer will be out of work. And it means - reducing wages, reducing the number of jobs, the redistribution of financial flows and capital flight from the country.

But to live, work and provide for themselves and their loved ones needed. With or without the state. Each and every employee of the company should understand and see - the problem of the plant - that's his problem. And if in his power to solve it, or at least contribute to this, then do it - in its own interest. Without this way of thinking our future does not look bright. We are the team and everyone, if he want to be part of it, should solve his tasks effectively and in a timely manner.

Management of the company is definitely making and will make every effort to make the work of the team as comfortable as possible and increase interest in the results of each of their work. So, it was launched the boiler on the solid fuel raw materials, which allows to maintain heat in the premises in the cold season, and do not spend extra money on gas heating. The savings are directed to the new motivational projects, such as the revival of rationalization proposals with bonuses of their authors, which was renewed under the quality management system ISO / TS 16949.

I believe in a decent future of Poltava Automobile Unit Plant and its ability to retain its high position, won the hard way many years of work of the staff of the enterprise. I believe that we will continue to work with confidence in the future, and I will make every effort to do so.

Summing up, I would like to express my gratitude to all employees of the enterprise. But at the same time, let us make every effort all together and individually, so as the next anniversary of the company will become more bright and festive!

And I wish the company and the people working on it, the prosperity and well-being - thanks to all of you, dear factory workers and the holiday for you!

General Director of PJSC "PAAZ"

A.P. Lytovchenko

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