Upgrading production base

10 June 2016
Upgrading production base

According to the program of measures for energy savings for 2016, adopted at Poltava Automobile Unit Plant, carried out step by step set of works on reconstruction of the compressed air system in the enterprise.

One of the stages - acquisition of screw compressors Atlas Copco GA160 VSD (Sweden) and Zelko 110G (Ukraine) in the amount of more than 1.5 million hryvnia. Their installation will eliminate the work of outdated morally and physically piston compressor, reducing the load on the system of circulating water supply companies, as well as to organize the work of the new equipment supplied automatically maintain the required compressed air settings.

Buying such a high-tech integrated equipment was made possible thanks to a balanced and rational investment and financial policies pursued by the current leadership of the factory, that is not only extremely important in the current economic situation, but also allows you to invest in the future, to work efficiently in which virtually impossible without the modern high-tech equipment.

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