Report on the participation in the 24th International Specialized Exhibition for Car and market auto

30 May 2016
Report on the participation in the 24th International Specialized Exhibition for Car and market automotive aftermarket SIA- AutoTechService 2016

From 25 to 27 May in Kiev took place the 24th International Specialized Exhibition SIA-AutoTechService 2016 takes place at the International Exhibition Centre simultaneously with the 18th International Specialized Exhibition «Motor Fueling Complex 2016».

SIA- AutoTechService is unique in Ukraine of B2B exhibition and attracts every year on the platform of the national market and after-sales service car service new companies from around the world of cars.

To have information, to be in subject, to navigate the updates and innovative ideas not only domestic manufacturers, but also international, cannot be without a visit to events of this kind.

The positive trend of this exhibition is to increase the exposure by 1.5-fold compared with last year.

Expanded geography of participants of SIA- AvtoTehServis`2016. Present their products suppliers and distributors from Italy, China, Lithuania, Poland, the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, France and South Korea. For the first time take part in the company - ORMA Srl for ALIENTECH (Italy), JSC «ALBURNUS» IR PARTNERIAI (Lithuania) and AUTOMOTOR FRANCE (France). This fact is indisputable argument, testifying to the fact that international partners are looking for partners among national companies and see the prospect of the development of its business in Ukraine.

The exposition of JSC «Poltava Automobile Unit Plant», presented at the 24th International specialized exhibition SIA - AvtoTehServis`2016 in the exposition of PJSC «AvtoKrAZ» has attracted the attention given new developments in recent years, devices which are currently widely used in automotive manufacturers, bus and trailer equipment. These are machines as cranes Brake reverse action manually operated 11.3537410 and 11.3537510, trailer control valve with two-wire drive off a cliff valve 11.3522008, 14.1609010 Pneumohydraulic amplifier, the brake valve 2-section with a place under the silencer 100-3514008-01, valve protection triple 14.3515210 etc.

During the work of the 24th International specialized exhibition-SIA profile AutoTechService 2016 employees at our booth, negotiations were held with representatives of more than 30 organizations in Ukraine, China, Korea, Germany, Poland and Turkey.

Exposure group of companies has been praised organizers and aroused great interest among the visitors, among whom were representatives of various ministries and departments of Ukraine, after a number of states, heads of various companies, professors and academics of universities and research centers of science.

In addition, it was stressed repeatedly, both visitors and organizers of the exhibition, that this group of companies is one of those domestic manufacturers, who, though they were few in number in the squares of the fairgrounds, but adequately presented the domestic machinery sector, deservedly received the lion's share of the attention of the visitors.

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