Work on construction optimization pneumohydraulic amplifier

15 August 2016
Work on construction optimization pneumohydraulic amplifier

Pneumohydraulic amplifier 14.1609010 / -10 / -20 / -30 / -40 is designed to reduce the force applied by the driver to turn off the clutch pedal at the expense of the use of compressed air energy in order to reduce driver fatigue by improving the ergonomic qualities of the car.

The large mechanism every detail - from the complex aggregation node, to a small mounting bolt. Therefore, there are no details for us. And though we did not invent the wheel, but we picked the best features of modern PHA together and offered our version of this product.

Pneumohydraulic amplifier is made in the aluminum unibody. This solution makes the product more durable and avoids depressurization and corrosion. Furthermore, our PHA installed wear indicator clutch facings, which will make timely replacement when necessary.

Source pneumohydraulic amplifier over one million actuations. We believe that we have to get a good device which at least 2 times cheaper, and more reliable than their foreign analogues.

However, the work cannot be considered as over - every new product released on the market, it passes a period of adaptation, consumer testing and operating conditions. Thus are born the new ideas, more optimal design decisions and improving product functionality. Our product - is no exception to this rule. So now, technological and manufacturing service factory introduce a number modifications designed to improve the functional properties of the product.

Among them, it is necessary first of all to note the increase in force of the return spring, which will lead to the return of PSU valve to its original position and improve efficiency of the product. Also,will be made replacement of the precast valve on reinforced that will ensure a smooth return of the pedal of the vehicle, thus providing big ergonomics and comfort of use of the product as well as a motor vehicle as a whole.

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