Product quality - a priority in the work of Poltava Automobile Unit Plant

15 August 2016
Product quality - a priority in the work of Poltava Automobile Unit Plant

PJSC «Poltava Automobile Unit Plant», founded in 1945, today is a high-tech, modern machine-building enterprise for the production of complex brake systems for heavy vehicles.

For today it is the only one in Ukraine and one of the largest post-Soviet enterprises specialized in the production of brake equipment designed for commercial vehicles such as KrAZ, URAL, KAMAZ, MAZ, BelAZ, trailers and semi-trailers, tractors, buses and special vehicles.

As part of the quality management system certification programs (QMS) PJSC «PAAZ», only one of the enterprises of post-Soviet space, has received ISO / TS 16949 certification: 2009 (. Reg number 12111 46564 IATF 0173324), issued by a Certificate Authority of TUV SUD Management ServiceGmbH. Action certificate applies to the design, development and production of brake servo units of vehicles, parts of locomotives or rolling stock. The plant has a laboratory for testing of brake systems, accredited by State Standard of Ukraine for conducting certification tests on the stands which are constantly monitored by the quality of its vehicles. Thanks to this product Poltava Automobile Unit Plant have longer life and can be used 2-3 times longer than other manufacturers analogues.

We are very attentive to the needs of our customers and build our relationship with them based on mutual interests and capabilities of the client and treasure every buyer. The basis and meaning of operation of the plant is a desire to improve, upgrade products, improve its quality and reliability, the introduction of new technologies, which allows us to maintain and strengthening our market position.

Today 75% of our customers find the high quality of our products, 25% - to satisfy their needs. PJSC «PAAZ» complet the majority of manufacturers of cars and buses the former Soviet Union, the largest of which are JSC «AZ» URAL «, LLC» Pavlovsky Bus Plant «, PJSC» AvtoKrAZ «and others; as well as manufacturers of trailers, special machinery, forklifts, JSC «Kirovsky Tractor Plant», JSC «Minsk Tractor Works» and PJSC «Kharkov tractor plant.»

According to the authoritative opinion of the machine-building enterprises, our plant products are not inferior analogues German rivals - WABCO and Knorr Bremese companies.

And such a high rating is deserved - Poltava Automobile Unit Plant pays great attention to quality and product improvements. But, at the same time, we must remember that the pneumatic brake equipment is technologically complex structure, requiring appropriate knowledge, skills and maintenance service in certain technical standards and terms.

Poltava Automobile Unit Plant urges consumers exploiting its devices, be careful and avoid hasty action which might harm the exploitation of vehicles. It is important to remember that effectively and qualitatively working the braking system - the key to the safety of all road users.

If necessary, experts of the technical control department are always ready to help you and support (the contact information in the contact section).

In conclusion, I would like to say a few words on that if you find really poor quality, defective products (which was originally such, and not go out of order due to misuse), you should not make hasty conclusions and to put on our company stamp «bungler» but at least make sure it's really products of our factory. Not every Poltava brake equipment - products Poltava Automobile Unit Plant. Besides the numerous so-called «gray» products, simply say fakes on the market also present products Poltava company «Autocomponent Plus», the quality of which we provide to consumers to judge for themselves.

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