The switch further transmission (splitter) for trucks 14.1703800 / -10

17 October 2016
The switch further transmission (splitter) for trucks 14.1703800 / -10

Poltava Automobile Unit Plant represents one of the new developments - additional switch box 14.1703800 / -10 gear.

These products are used in trucks KrAZ type. Considering that the switch operates pneumatically additional box, it is a more advanced solution leads than mechanical drive, carried out through a complex system of rods and levers. In addition there is a governance option by the same switch products - governance the crane, which is installed outside the cab.

Supporting performance products and the actual level of construction quality, as well as individual construction solutions favorably distinguishing prototype of PJSC "PAAZ" from competitors' products.

1. Operating pressure of compressed air from 0.65 MPa to 0.85 MPa.

2. tear-out force tubes of collets switch when there is no pressure of compressed air, not less than 20 N.

3 Максимально допустимая сила, приложенная к рычагу переключателя, не более 50 Н. 4. When you move the switch lever are absent jamming and it is securely is fixed in the desired position, and when you return the lever to its original position from the intermediate, approximately equal to the horizontal, is made automatically.

5. the compressed air leaking through the clearance from the reel housing and all parts pressed into the housing at a temperature of from -45 to + 80 ° are not allowed, for connecting with pipes - not more than 8 cm3 / min.

6. The reliability index - gamma - interest time to failure (at γ = 99%) is 0.15 ∙ 106 switching cycles;

7. Complete sealing at a temperature of -45 to + 80 ° C.

Today Splitter production of PJSC "PAAZ" is the only purely Ukrainian product of this type, but its characteristics and the quality is not inferior to foreign analogues.

In the nearest future will be finalized preparation

by the production of this unit, and it will be the consumer's attention in the first place, the car assembly plants.

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