Sklifosovsky burial place reconstruction

22 June 2009
Sklifosovsky burial place reconstruction

Potlava region is rightfully proud by its great fellow compatriots — men and women, who bring glory and fame to themselves and place, they lived in. One of them is Nikolai Vasilievich Sklifosovsky — world-wide known surgeon and scientist, who left behind himself legacy, value of which to domestic and world’s medical knowledge is hard to overestimate, even in our modern age.

Sklifosovsky developed many techniques of surgical treatment of many diseases. He was among first surgeons, who started to operations for ovary cyst excision and as a result, procured the development of abdominal cavity surgery. He was the first to propose open surgical treatment of encephalocele, abdominal hernia, and cancer of tongue, jaws and stomach, open excision of urinary bladder stones. Sklifosovsky also developed recommendations for surgical treatment of gall-bladder, methodology of operations conduction; he developed surgical procedure of goiter excision. Among his other notable innovations in Russian surgery is adaptation of bladdery sutures.

Professor Sklifosovsky was a famous public man — he take active part in organizing first annual conferences of Russian physicians. He was also organizer and Chairman of Organizing Committee of 12 International Physicians Congress and Congress surgeons section in Moscow in 1897. It was his idea to organize conferences of Russian surgeons. Sklifosovsky was one of organizers and Chairmans of 1st conference of Russian surgeons in 1900. This year was also personal Sklifosovsky professional anniversary — 40 years of scientific and surgical activity.

Jackovtsy village, situated near Poltava city is a place of final rest of Nikolai Vasilievich Sklifosovsky and his son. But for a long time, their burial place was in rather bad shape. Now, owing to Poltava automobile units plant, with support of city authorities, Sklifosovsky burial place was reconstructed and specially appointed by memorial.

It’s hard to overestimate the role of Poltava automobile units plant in Poltava city and region. Only in the first half of 2009 year, the enterprise sponsored such social projects as reconstruction of the Far Aviation building, situated on the territory of the military zone 2673 (which was opened for the public at 9th of May — in the 64 anniversary of Great Victory in World War II), and reconstruction of Nikolai Vasilievich Sklifosovsky burial place, executed within the framework of the preparations for the 300 year celebration of Poltava Battle anniversary.

Because of that, The Diploma for loyalty to town, revival and development of historical and cultural traditions as well as ponderable contribution to charity are logical and well-deserved result of socially-oriented enterprise policy, which is successfully executing for a few years already.

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