Installation of new equipment in PAAZ testing laboratory

08 September 2009
Installation of new equipment in PAAZ testing laboratory

In September of the year 2009 a brand new thermal vacuum chamber V-1000 produced by "MASCHINENFABRIK NEMA", Germany was put into operation in PAAZ testing laboratory. New thermal vacuum chamber V-1000 allows to perform tests with an imitation of surrounding conditions in wide temperature range form + 120 to minus 70. Chamber’s payload volume is 1000 dm3, thus allowing to execute climatic tests of all PAAZ apparatus. For adjustment, control and registration thermal vacuum chamber is equipped by programmable multi-channel plotter 100, which allows working simultaneously with 8 groups of controllable parameters. Registration of temperatures of payload volume is achieved by build-in thermal printing device.

Usage of this newly obtained piece of equipment will allow to perform tests of pneumatic gear devices, conclusion of research work on lubricant functions evaluation, rubber and plastic items on more advanced technical level.

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