AIR DRYER 11.3536008/-10

04 May 2007

Air Dryer 11.3536008/-10

Poltava Automobile Unit Plant is at final preparation stage of putting Air Dryer 11.3536008/-10 into mass production.

Pre-production modules are now being tested at AVTOKRAZ Holding Company.

Brief description

Air Dryer 11.3536008/-10 is to be used in air brake systems of commercial vehicles for the purpose of drying and purifying the compressed air and thus preventing corrosion and condensate freezing in the circuits of the air brake system. Air Dryer improves reliability of other components of the system.

Air Dryer 11.3536008/-10 features built-in pressure regulator, safety valve, heating element, silencer, and preliminary moisture separator, designed to increase the lifespan of cartridge absorber.

More detailed information and technical specification will be provided later.

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