The Republic of Belarus embassy representatives visited PAAZ

05 March 2010
The Republic of Belarus embassy representatives visited PAAZ

At March 5th a delegation of the Republic of Belarus embassy headed by the First Secretary of the Trade and Economy topics group Mrs. Olga Filimonova has visited PAAZ during full-scale business-trip aimed for gathering information about Ukrainian enterprises for evaluation as possible partners as well as evaluation of reliability and stability of today’s economic ties between two countries.

As a result of current visit of Poltava Automobile Unit Plant, which is the main supplier of utility for such giants of Byelorussian machine-building industry as MAZ, MTZ, BelAZ, MZKT and others, has received a highest grade as a reliable partner for Byelorussian enterprises, as well as future prospect of the development of the favor program for stirring up and widening of the today’s economic ties of Byelorussian enterprises and Poltava automobile unit plant.

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