New developments by PAAZ

25 March 2010
New developments by PAAZ

Within the framework of the ratified for the year 2010 new devices development schedule, PAAZ technical specialists already developed first few test samples from the scheduled apparatus list. It’s the 4-circuit Protection Valve of new design 14.3515410, Shock-Absorber of the Driver’s Seat 260-6809100 and Hydro Cylinder.

The 4-circuit Protection Valve 14.3515410 is a new generation construction, which is supposed to replace current model of this apparatus 11.3515410, being its more superior version. Shock-Absorber of the Driver’s Seat 260-6809100 and Hydro Cylinder, on the contrary is an absolutely new type of devices compared to PAAZ regular products.

Shock-Absorber of the Driver’s Seat 260-6809100 is used for absorption of the driver’s seat rippling, emerging in the process of the vehicle movement. In case of the driver’s seat rising, the Shock-Absorber body moves down relatively to immobile rod, creating significant strain, apply the brake to the driver’s seat movement up.

Hydro Cylinder represent by itself an positive displacement hydraulic engine, used for the energy transformation of the fluid flow to the operating of the actuator. This device is not just a new apparatus, but a significance of first steps on the absolutely new field of operations — hydraulic devices design and production.

All devises for now are subjected to the complex of necessary lab tests and minor adjustments, including the resources of some of enterprise’s future customers of the items. In the second quarter the completion of all preliminary tests are awaited, which is supposed to be followed by the serial production preparations of new devices.

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