Installation of new equipment

08 June 2010
Installation of new equipment in The First Machine-assembly Department

Continuing renovation of production base, for the needs of The First Machine-assembly Department of Poltava Automobile Unit Plant, new equipment was provided — a vertical processing complex with numerical control DNM-500, produced by "Doosan Infracore CO" LTD, South Korea. Total value is more than 120 thousands US dollars.

Having at its disposal a new vertical processing complex with numerical control of such class, will allow to increase production output of number of new apparatus. First of all it will be an Air Dryer 11.3536008-10 and Four-Circuit Protection Valve 14.3515410. Moreover, an overall increasing of produces good is expected as well as rising a level of machining process.

Operating the highest standards possible, Poltava Automobile Unit Plant now can achieve even more advanced level of metal casting items production, aiming in nearest future for the decreasing of the cost price and total quality growth of produced apparatus.

Worth to mention, that purchase of such piece of machinery, especially then most of the machine-building Ukraine companies are only beginning to restore before crisis level of production and sales, became possible because of carefully calculated rational investment and financial policy provided by current top-management of the plant. For the past 5 years it was not the first purchase of such scale. And, of course it’s one of the most essential keys to enterprise’s success for the market leadership — equipment and machinery provided by the best manufacturers of USA, Germany, Switzerland and now South Korea is allowing to produce goods far more superior to that of previous versions, thus, allowing to satisfy more fully customers demands for quality, been also acceptable in the price category.

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