The Casting equipment repair and renovation

21 July 2010
The Casting equipment repair and renovation

According to renovation of the manufacturing capabilities, reconstruction of the resources and technical basis arrangements was performed thorough repair of the casting under pressure complex OL 38OK on the Poltava Automobile Unit Plant’s foundry.

The machine’s repair was performed directly on production facilities of the complexes’ producer – TEBOWA-MGP Company. Switzerland.

The TEBOWA-MGP Company is specialized on the casting under pressure complex, the moulds for aluminum, copper and zinc alloys with clamping force from 250 to 3500 production. This company is real competitor to recognized European leaders in this field – Buhler, Idra and Italpresse companies.

Main partners of the Poltava Automobile Unit Plant are Italian companies – Global, Fondital, Rag-Al, Inuggi and others, Russian automobile giants – KAMAZ, GAZ, AvtoVAZ, Zawolzhsky Motorny Zawod, enterprises of Slovakia, Croatia and Ukraine.

For the repair work was spent approximately 30 thousand hryvnias. This fund was invested for innovative technologies introduction technical re-equipment.

The full-scale thorough repair of available equipment and renovation of manufacturing capabilities, whish are directed to improvement of products quality, steady raising of the production level, had been successfully introduced according to schedule during last few years against abrupt changes in world economic. Now, on the threshold of high level sales season, these actions are very relevant, because the Poltava Automobile Unit Plant products are in evergrowing demand.

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