Installation of new equipment in The First Machine-assembly Department

01 April 2011
Installation of new equipment in The First Machine-assembly Department

Continuing renovation of production base, owing to production and sale growth for the needs of The First Machine-assembly Department of Poltava Automobile Unit Plant, new equipment was provided — a horizontal programmable machining center MH-500, produced by “FANUC CNC”, Japan. Total value is more than 2 million hryvnia (payback period is 4 years).

History of “Fanuc CNC” began in 1956, when subsidiary of “Fujitsu LTD” concern – “Fujitsu Fanuc” company was established. FANUC Company operates in 3 areas:
  • programmed numerical control and laser equipment setup;
  • industrial robots;
  • Robomachine: Robodrill, Roboshot and Robocut.
The greatest representative offices of FANUC Company are – 14 companies in Asia, 4 companies in USA, 21 companies in Europe and 1 company in South Africa.

In 2009 FANUC group of companies took 308th place in the list of 500 largest companies in Japan. FANUC company occupies 2nd place among the most successful companies in Japan. FANUC high-tech equipment is wildly spread in the world. Each lathe is produced according to the high standards of quality, is distinguished by multifunctionality and provides competitive details production. FANUC machines are further enhanced by fine craftsmanship, which guarantees the user outstanding precision performance.

The new horizontal programmable machining center will be used production of components for 14.3515420 and 11.3536102 parts. Lathe’s putting into operation will provide decrease prime cost of mentioned parts, increase of general labour productivity and quality improvement of output goods, raise of machining process level by more precise meeting a demand of technical documentation.

It is necessary to mention, that the lathe was purchased in after crisis period only because of effective investment and financial policy of enterprise’s management. During last 5 years, such purchase is not a first case. It is one of the key factors of enterprises success on the market – equipment of leader manufactures of USA, Germany, Switzerland, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan provides produce market orientated devices with high quality at a reasonable price.

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