Installation of new equipment in The First Machine-assembly Department

15 June 2011
Installation of new equipment in The First Machine-assembly Department

Continuing renovation of production base, owing to production and sale growth for the needs of The First Machine-assembly Department of Poltava Automobile Unit Plant, new equipment was provided — an injection molding machine DK 3330.F1, produced by OJSC “Termoplastavtomat”, Khmelnitskiy, Ukraine. Total value is more than 180 thousand hryvnia (payback period is 4 years).

Injection molding machines produces by OJSC “Termoplastavtomat” are continuously improved by functionality increase, which guarantees the user outstanding precision performance.

New injection molding machine DK 3330.F1 will be used for manufacturing products by injection casting method under mastication temperature 350 C°. Polyolefine, polystyrene, its copolymers, polyamide, thermoplastic polyurethane, polyester, phenol ether resin will be used as a source materials for injection casting on new equipment.

If this machine is completed by components for mastication, it will be possible to manufacture products from polycarbonate, formaldehyde copolymers, non-plasticized PVC, polyacrylate, fulfilled thermoplastic materials.

New injection molding machine also will be used in transfer molding mode for manufacturing thin-walled units with complex configuration and in intrusion mode for manufacturing units with 3 mm wall with injection increase to 30%.

It is necessary to mention, that the lathe was purchased in after crisis period only because of effective investment and financial policy of enterprise’s management. During last 5 years, such purchase is not a first case. It is one of the key factors of enterprises success on the market – equipment of leader manufactures of USA, Germany, Switzerland, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Ukraine provides produce market orientated devices with high quality at a reasonable price.

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