Installation of new equipment in The Tool Room

05 April 2012
Installation of new equipment in The Tool Room

Continuing renovation of production base, owing to production and sale growth for the needs of The Tool room of Poltava Automobile Unit Plant, new equipment was provided — Electroerosion Die Sinking and Hole Contouring machine EA8, produced by Mitsubishi Corporation, Japan, total value is more than 1,2 million hryvnia (payback period is 3-5 years).

High-tech equipment of these manufacturers is wildly spread in the world. Each lathe is produced according to the high standards of quality, is distinguished by multifunctionality and provides competitive details production. Mitsubishi Corporation continuously improves its machines by functionality increase, which guarantees the user outstanding precision performance.

Electroerosion Die Sinking and Hole Contouring machine EA8 is used for a wide range of purposes. Rigid mechanics, fixed desk linkage and heat setting system provide +/− mkm accuracy of processing, which meets the requirements. These machine has a 64-bit PC Based CNC Control, operating with a Windows-style graphic user interface, provides color graphics, multi-window screens, and full multi-tasking and Program Storage with a 100MB section of the hard-drive set up for user storage. FuzzyProPlus Control System offers unparalleled speed, safety, and ease of operation regardless of an operator's experience. This control system combines three basic elements managed by the Fuzzy process. Moving Column Design allows greater workpiece weight capability and easier loading / unloading of workpieces. Fine Resolution Encoder Feedback promotes higher accuracy machine positioning and improved part accuracy. E.S.P.E.R. Navigator simplifies programming inputs to a short question-and- answer session prompting the operator through the process. Power Supply FP60 provides high performance machining capabilities and ease of use.

It is necessary to mention, that the new equipment was purchased because of effective investment and financial policy of enterprise’s management. During last 5 years, such purchase is not a first case. It is one of the key factors of enterprises success on the market – equipment of leader manufactures of USA, Germany, Switzerland, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan provides produce market orientated devices with high quality at a reasonable price.

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