Installation of new equipment in the Press Room

02 August 2012
Installation of new equipment in the Press Room

Continuing renovation of production base, owing to production and sale growth for the needs of Poltava Automobile Unit Plant, new equipment was provided — Spring-end Grinding Machine G+M DORN DRAHTTECHOLOGIE DR400/VE (Germany), payback period is 3-5 years.

High-tech equipment produced by G+M DORN DRAHTTECHOLOGIE is widespread all over the world. Each lathe is produced according to the highest quality standards, is multifunctional and provides the most competitive parts manufacturing. The equipment is constantly improved by functionality increase as a development of operational features for customers.

Also it is necessary to mention, that the new equipment was purchased because of effective investment and financial policy of enterprise’s management. During last 5 years, such purchase is not a first case. It is one of the key factors of enterprises success on the market – equipment of leader manufactures of USA, Netherlands, Switzerland, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Germany provides produce market orientated devices with high quality at a reasonable price.

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