Results of joint meeting

10 October 2012
Results of joint meeting

On 9th of October was held joint meeting of Board of Poltava Regional branch of USPP, Board of Poltava regional organization of employers (POOR) and Board of Poltava regional association of organizations of employers (POOOR) in expanded membership with the participation of Poltava Customs. Deputy of Poltava Regional State Administration Victor Zhivotenko also participated in the meeting.

Main questions of the meeting were:
  • Poltava Regional State Administration diplomas presentation;
  • Work results under new Customs code review;
  • Board of Poltava Regional branch of USPP membersí rotation;
  • Income and expenses budget performance review;
  • Approval of the Operational plan 2013.
It is necessary to mention that General Director of Poltava Automobile Unit Plant Roman Chernyak was awarded for contribute to the development and strengthening of Poltava Region.

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