Installation of new equipment

18 March 2013
Installation of new equipment

Continuing renovation of production base, particularly rolling-stock brake gear devices implementation, new milling machine was provided — Style BT 1000 (Netherlands), total value is more than 1,2 million hryvnia (payback period is 3-5 years). This lathe was bought with a purpose to machineStop Valve 4300PA and Hose Connection P17B.

The STYLE BT 1000 makes CNC-milling and drilling of single pieces and small series very profitable. The programming offers every functionality with very easy and simple programming. This results each time in amazing time savings and very short set-up times. The machine offers a heavy stable bed with an oversized clamping table and large operating range of the X, Y and Z axis. This machine provides therefore optimum flexibility for various work pieces, from simple to very complex designs. The block guide and the powerful motors provide extra durability while the innovative STYLE technology consists of high quality parts and components which guarantee long-term reliability. The STYLE BT 1000 offers high performance European technology at a competitive price.

Also it is necessary to mention, that the new equipment was purchased because of effective investment and financial policy of enterprise’s management. During last 5 years, such purchase is not a first case. It is one of the key factors of enterprises success on the market – equipment of leader manufactures of USA, Germany, Switzerland, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Netherlands provides produce market orientated devices with high quality at a reasonable price.

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